Head of Sales Europe m/w/d für eine international Hotelgruppe

Die Lost and Found Personalberatung- und Vermittlung ist eine etablierte und im Markt bekannte Personalberatungsgesellschaft und Personalvermittlung für die internationale Hotellerie, Touristik und Hospitality Industrie seit über 21 Jahren tätig ist.

Schwerpunkt unserer Tätigkeit ist die Suche, Vorauswahl und Vermittlung von Fach- und Führungskräften in alle Arbeitsbereiche der internationalen Hotellerie, Touristik, Hospitality Branche, Möbelindustrie, Lebensmittelindustrie, Zulieferindustrie und vielen anderen Branchen. Fachliche Kompetenz und Zuverlässigkeit zeichnen uns aus.

Führungskräften in alle Arbeitsbereiche der internationalen Hospitality- und Zulieferindustrie. Fachliche Kompetenz und Zuverlässigkeit zeichnen uns aus.

Zu unseren Kunden zählen die weltweit angesehensten Hotelgesellschaften, Touristikunternehmen und Dienstleister im Bereich der Hospitality Industrie. Unser Anspruch ist, unsere Kunden langfristig zufrieden zu stellen und aus einem ersten Auftrag eine erfolgreiche Partnerschaft zu entwickeln.

Für unseren Mandanten suchen wir ab sofort oder Verfügbarkeit:

Main purpose of the role:
The Head of Sales has the primary role of leading the sales department, overseeing activities of the sales team members and monitoring performance as a whole. The Head of Sales defines and communicates the business’s KPIs and targets to all sales personnel on a regular basis, analyses patterns in consumer and market behaviour, and subsequently defines data-driven  action strategies in order to consistently optimise the business’s commercial performance. Working closely with the Chief of commerce to set and own the vision and strategic sales plan for Europe and lead your team to execute the strategy.
Support the wider commercial operation and work closely with colleagues in revenue, marketing and E commerce to deliver the commercial key objectives. 

Essential duties & responsibilities - (key activities):
• The key activity is to provide leadership of the regional sales leads and head of key accounts.
• To support, build and manage the regional sales leads and head of key accounts to ensure all targets are exceeded, taking actions to support and manage the team where revenue targets are not being achieved.
• In this capacity, the Head of Sales is tasked with establishing and overseeing the adoption of departmental vision and values, which forms part of the work culture. They also play a mentorship role to key positions within the sales department, assisting in the execution of duties upon request, honing their professional skills, and readying them for occupation of his position in their absence or retirement.
• Develops and implements strategic marketing and sales plans and forecasts to achieve budgeted objectives
• Directs sales forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly.
• Directs market channel development activity and coordinates sales distribution by establishing target accounts, quotas, and goals
• Conduct regular performance reviews with regional sales leads and head of key accounts to monitor, measure and improve performance.
• Act as the lead contact for a regional hotels property and sales team, ensuring performance levels are met.
• Provide the strategic direction for the key accounts sales team to ensure that performance is maximised at all times.
• Develop, maintain, and implement the budgeting and forecasting process along with commercial counterparts
• Ensure that all required reports are completed on a timely basis
• Provide support to the senior team by participating in performance reviews with owners
• Support direct reports by participating in client and prospect meetings as needed.
• Ensure that all properties have a clear sales activity plan and strategy to achieve agreed account targets for each hotel and brand where appropriate.
• To support need hotels through planned sales activity to shift market share from competitors.

Required skills:
The Head of Sales must have had at least 10 years of working experience in a sales position within a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, preferably working in the position of a Regional or head of country Sales Manager. The candidate must also have a proven and successful ability to lead a group of sales personnel towards growth in enhanced sales volumes
and enhanced revenue generation, while displaying exceptional leadership skills and confidence. A suitable candidate will also have had experience evaluating product/market situations and analysing raw data and information, transforming it into actionable sales strategies and approaches.

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